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A week after the actual event, headlines described that porn tube megasite You Porn had been hacked and that thousands of users had their login credentials and passwords exposed.

You Porn released a statement saying that its data had not been exposed, but that it was data belonging to a third-party whitelabel affiliate You Porn used for chat - though branded as a You Porn product.

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Youporn sex chat com

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Modeling itself on croudsource fundraising wunderkind website Kickstarter, just-launched Offbeatr (work-safe visuals and text) also uses the power of crowdsourcing to raise funds for projects that would never be allowed on Kickstarter. The idea sprung from the makers of Extra Lunch Money, an adult site where performers of all kinds connect with viewers and fans for one-to-one contracting of specific kinds of , if you will.

Offbeatr has got to be good news for artists in general that constantly have to worry about running afoul of most mainstream websites' inflexibly prudish content policies.

WARNING: This Website contains explicit adult material.

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