Yahoo dating games

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Yahoo Auctions was an online auction site created to compete against auction sites such as e Bay.Yahoo Auctions never gained the popularity of market leader e Bay in the U. and Canada; the main Yahoo Auctions service shut down on June 16, 2007.

Yahoo dating games

Groups also offers other features such as a photographic album, file storage and a calendar.

Yahoo Mail is a free email service (with premium options). Research include: Internet search, Machine Learning, Microeconomics, Media Experience, and Community Systems. Search Marketing provides pay per click inclusion of links in search engine result lists, and also delivers targeted ads.

Users can set various access levels for albums, ranging from public to private. Photos can be moved with other photo hosts, including Flickr.

Yahoo Player is a discontinued computer based media player that was designed by Yahoo.

Answers is a community-driven question-and-answer (Q&A) site or a knowledge market. Answers awards users with points for asking and answering questions, and deducts them for deleting a question or answer, or for being reported by another user. Groups is a free groups and mailing list service which competes with Google Groups. Refine and sort results by distance, topic, or other factors. Uses h Calendar and h Card microformats, so that event and contact details can be downloaded directly into calendar and address-book applications.

Yahoo dating games

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