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My friend Sam (named changed of course) gave me permission to tell this story here. Knowing what I do, Sam called me last week and asked me what he should do because he just had a weird feeling Nan (name changed) was up to something since she announced she was going skiing over Presidents Day and rather pointedly — and unusually — didn’t invite Sam or any of the kids along. I suggested (as anyone who’s read my ‘Gentleman’s Guide to the Nasty Divorce’ book will know) he keep a sharp but discreet eye on Nan’s — how shall I say this? Call the Security Director at the ski lodge/condo complex/hotel where Nan will be staying and ask him/her for the name of a private detective with whom she/he works well. caught her in the sack with one of Sam’s old pals (I say “old” because you may be certain that friendship’s over now). the p.i.’s got more than everything he’ll need for the Family Court judge back in Sam and Nan’s (fault) state of residency.— personal grooming, and if he happens to notice she gets a sharp new hairdo, call me. Don’t say the name of the guest or when they’ll be checking in or anything. By my agreement with Sam that’s where I must leave the story at this time as parts of the drama are still unfolding.

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Pasalnya, setelah berhubungan seks, bukannya kembali ke kamarnya, para budak seks itu justru dilarikan ke rumah sakit.

Soraya merasa jijik bila mengingat semua tingkah laku Khadafi, dan apa saja yang telah diperbuat sang diktator itu kepadanya.

LL Focus Group Participants (LLFGPs) are people who assemble to share lessons in a team-based interview format.

It is practical way of conducting research to gather lessons.

Soraya mengatakan, Khadafi seringkali makan bawang putih untuk sarapan, terus menerus merokok, mabuk-mabukkan dan melakukan kegiatan tidak menyehatkan sepanjang hari.

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