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Making sex machines for my wife and me had been a hobby. I’ve designed 153 machine designs and built 142 of those, with five more in development right now.It’s more enjoyable than a typical job, and there is a market for these things.He told me he wanted her to be satisfied so she wouldn’t cheat on him. He’s running out of steam, but she is still into it.

Sex Machines: Photographs and Interviews unveils an astonishing American subculture, and the homespun inventors and users who propel it.

Meet a laid-off tech industry exec who transforms a thrift store pasta maker into a high-powered sexual appliance and a new career; an apocalyptic visionary who builds a sex machine prototype for female survivors of a future without men; and an Idaho cowboy who intends to use his device as a form of Christian-based marriage counseling.

Before launching their own homemade pornographic pay site on the Southern Charms portal, Deb and Bill were supporting the family on their disability and retirement paychecks. These people…I don’t know what they see in me, but if they are into it, then great.

For years Bill posted erotic shots of Deb to various online listservs, but decided to try his hand at running a pay site this year. It feels great to have guys want to spend money to see me! And if I can make their lives happy, bring something happy to them for just a little while, and they get their ya ya’s out, that’s great. The original idea came from a conversation I overheard in a restaurant one night.

Sex Machines celebrates the spirit of American ingenuity and bold approaches to an ever-changing sexual landscape.

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