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Shortly after they arrived there was a knock at the door.

When Joshua opened the door Hillary handed him the guns.

They had taken off approximately 5 minutes before Joshua gave in to Adrian and Michael.


Brandon explained to Joshua that where the GDs were going was more dangerous than they realized and if they were seen by Cash Flow Posse members, the Cash Flows wouldn’t hesitate to fire on them without instigation. Joshua followed the order, went to the other location to acquire the other gun, returned to the duplex and handed the second gun to one of the GDs, who were outside preparing to leave.

When Joshua attempted to return to Brandon and Natalie he was intercepted by Adrian Alverez and Michael.

They were solid on firing Roger’s new gun at some point that day; at what was, however, is not clear (per trial transcripts).

As evening approached, Joshua put Roger’s gun in the trunk of his red convertible and the two headed to southwest Detroit.

Joshua Puckett had adapted to his new IGM (Insane Gangster Mafia) family and lifestyle with ease.

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