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Your friends get the things you want Items you really want to have are more likely to drop for your friends especially if it combines with one of the earlier mentioned specifications.In this case the drop chance your friends will be basically multiplied.

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Nothing keeps a player better hooked to the game but a TRI: Ogre Ring!

Drops have to be unexpected This one is easy to confirm.

So in order to fight against this specification you have to forget it completely while still not trying to get that specific item.

What other people tell you / Allowed to drop by: Following suggestions of your guild mates or stranger can be extremely rewarding as this specification is a counter to the “Drops have to be unexpected” specification. your friend is telling you that you have to NOW go an kill that Kzarka as you will definitely drop your Kzarka Weapon if you do so you should consider to follow his suggestion.

If you want a specific item or you wait for a specific item you will not get the item regardless of what you try to get it!

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