Who is aro from twilight dating

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" The girl said, "Don't you even know the rules?

"So you're a newborn then," the girl muttered. "I suppose I am." "Come on, we'll bring you back to Volterra. It was cold and you shivered, wrapping your arms around yourself.

Giving her a smile and a wink, you walked over to your father. They operate in Volterra, Italy." You curtsied immediately. Some of the ladies started blushing and gossiped about him to their friends.

Marcus Volturi: You were dancing with your sister, before a suitor came and asked her to dance. "Daughter, these people are the leaders of the Volturi.

"I'm Alec Volturi." "Y/N Y/L/N," you told him. " Nodding and taking his hand, you went inside to dance. "then I'll shoot you." Trembling, you pulled out your wallet.

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