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The best idea to ever hit the entertainment industry was dividing the public into male and female.Yaina Ipokhorskaya Naughty Dating for people who know what they want in life and in the opposite sex.Maybe we needed to say it, to make the whole liaison worth the risk.

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It was disrespectful and fun, in the way kids gleefully throwing rocks at cars is fun. Here was my (biggest) mistake: I told a woman I loved her, then I tried to keep her hidden. Sleeping with her prevented her from being my boss, which I enjoyed, but if people knew I was sleeping with her, they would think I didn't deserve my job, or my reputation for doing good work. But that's the thing: In that situation, you can't really know. You don't know, at work or in bed, whether you're making love to your boss or your lover. When my parents called and asked who I was dating, I said, after a pause, nobody at all. "I’ll never be enough for you," she said, her way of saying that me keeping us secret had been keeping her ashamed.

Someone large and looming will open the door and get out. Looking back, this was all just a way to protect myself. And then we were on the sidewalk, clutching, scratching, arguing, for everyone to see.

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