Updating traditional dining room furniture

by  |  02-Nov-2015 19:10

To achieve a contemporary mismatched look, paint each chair a different color to offset a black or white table.

Roll or brush on a few coats of good-quality gloss or semigloss latex or enamel paint after removing any old, flaking paint with a dry scrub brush.

Also, pay attention to function as well as form when shopping for chairs — choose ones that are sturdy and comfortable so guests will want to linger. A sideboard is great for storing serveware you need to have on hand but may not want to display.

Put your favorite pieces to work as decoration; sturdy wall ledges are a great option for safely showcasing your prettiest collectibles. There's nothing like a beautiful tablecloth to disguise a worn-out surface or protect a new or valuable table from wear and tear.

Paint the cane a slightly contrasting white for a modern finish.

For shabby-chic style, paint the set pale pink or pastel green.

Cover the table with an attractive linen tablecloth featuring a white and slate-blue or Spanish-moss-green geometric or floral pattern, for example.

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