Updating shortcut files batch

by  |  26-Mar-2015 07:23

Regards, Brenda Hello Brenda I have seven libraries however all stored on different paths so I can see now that I will have to do it manually.

I should have mentioned this previously but I just wanted to give a single example for simplicity.

updating shortcut files batch-16

Actually I use the file on the desktop and then enter the same data on the one in My Documents.

All I need is that when I enter data on the desktop file, automatically update the file in My Documents.

Every so often it may happen that some of the shortcuts break because you moved something to another directory or deleted a program or changed your network drive maps.

The usual fixing process involves going to the shortcut’s properties and updating the new path manually.

Used without parameters, path displays the current command path. The following command specifies that Windows XP is to search three directories to find external commands.

Updating shortcut files batch

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