Updating one table from another Videochat sexgratis

by  |  04-Dec-2014 01:50

The WHERE clause in the subquery must refer to the table being updated outside of the subquery. We have a table of store locations, and we receive an excel spreadsheet file with sales data for each store.The excel table has one row for each store with, and a “Store Num” that matches the Store ID in our stores spatial layer. We want to get the sales values into our spatial layer.

In addition we deploy a Spatial Index on each of the tables to speed up the query.

See my previous post for an explanation of using spatial indices.

We’ll review how it’s done, both with simple attribute values, and with an update based on a spatial query.

The tricky bit that sometimes gets people confused is the WHERE clause.

Then I am using a dynamic cursor to fetch the appropriate data from m8054_summary based on the key.

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