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Speakerphone automatically turns on when you open the clamshell and turns off when you close the phone.

When playing MP3s through the speakers, you'll want to keep the unit open since the speakers are on the inner display surface. Note the large camera lens and portrait / macro slider.

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Verizon targets this $299 with new activation phone at those who need HTML browsing and easy messaging but don't want the price tag, added heft or complexity of a PDA phone such as the Samsung i730 Pocket PC Phone or the Palm Treo 650.

The high resolution 262,000 color inner display, stereo sound and strong performance are also perfect for multimedia mavens, and it's currently the best phone on the market to take advantage of VCast media on Verizon's EVDO network.

The VX9800 is currently Verizon's most expandable feature phone.

You can save photos and videos taken with the camera directly to the mini SD card by default.

From time immemorial, Verizon had the most lackluster selection of phones, but their quality of service and fast data offset their tepid handset offerings.

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