Updating jtree datingsite in africa

by  |  04-Nov-2016 02:33

I am first making jtree and the rootnode object null and initializing it again (for ...

The table can expand and retract it's nodes perfectly however when I call JTree.expand Path it doesn't update the table view immediately, instead it updates after a call to show Visible on a dialog.

Hi all, after editing a node in a jtree, how do i refresh this node so that the changes appear immediately.

I have constructed a tree and when ever any change occured to the tree i am sending an event from server which will notify all the clients.

Then the tree is refreshed by using Tree Model Event methods like node Inserted, nodes Removed, nodes Modified etc. I wrote a JTree node selection listener which extends the Mouse Adaptor to respond to mouse click in my first JTree object(Tree1).

tree.update UI(); works fine, but all nodes collapse, so i want to update only the changed node (or prevent the collapse-thing).

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