Updating goldwave

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I think I've been pretty straight forward in what I'm asking. Richard I'm not sure if this helps or not, but you should have an App named Voice Recorder.

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Can some other people who are running Windows 10 check in Control Panel Recording tab to see if their sound card / chipset is listed as an option?

It may be the case that my sound chipset on this motherboard doesn't support direct recording, though I've never seen one that didn't.

In W7 I was able to open the SOUND RECORDER program and then record sounds from the video that was playing through the internet explorer I was using at that time.

It did NOT matter which internet explorer I was using, be it IE or CHROME or FIREFOX, etc.

Check out the Store, there are some Apps that record sound. "YOU" - Yes, I've found the VOICE RECORDER program, err...

Updating goldwave

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