Updating dns pointers Wechatsex malaysia

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This is why I mentioned the use of send host-name in my post.Oh yeah I did update that part as well but all but one of my machines are windows machines.

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I have a small network setup and I cannot get DNS to work.

DHCP is functioning normal and working fine but it cannot update the DNS pointers for some reason. ----------------------- ddns-updates on; ddns-domainname "mydomain.lan"; ddns-update-style ad-hoc; allow unknown-clients; option domain-name "mydomain.lan"; option domain-name-servers,; option routers; option ntp-servers gov; option netbios-name-servers; option netbios-dd-server; option netbios-node-type 8; authoritative; default-lease-time 172800; subnet netmask Jul 22 NIKKI named[3336]: the working directory is not writable Aug 11 NIKKI dhcpd: if The Beast.IN A rrset doesn't exist add The Beast.86400 IN A timed out.

If you do not end your zone name in a ".", the DHCP server will figure it out.

Also note that in the DHCP configuration, zone names are not encapsulated in quotes where there are in the DNS configuration. The ISC BIND 8 and 9 distributions come with a program for generating secret keys called dnssec-keygen.

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