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The difficulty of this two-sided search leads to what I call romantic unemployment, because we see this with the job market. In both cases, search is a two-part process in which both parties are considering their options. If we could see all our choices and assess them at no cost to us, everything would be easy and we'd each have the best possible match.

For both groups, there is a penalty for being picky. But when you go to this marketplace to shop, you have to spend time going through your options, or profiles.

It comes back to a theory called "cheap talk," which is a branch of game theory.

This framework considers the potential conflict between a party's own preferences and the person he or she is trying to attract, to analyze when (or if) it's sensible to hide information or lie. To be rational, the truth can only be mildly off-base.

A large portion of lying on dating sites is a rational response to try to improve the number of responses a profile gets.

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