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It distributes information and sells low-priced condoms in areas where prostitution and drug use among young people is known to be high.

Niyazov says PSI volunteers also work with prostitutes directly at the sites where sex services are provided: "They go directly to the field -- meaning to streets, to highways, to apartments, anywhere where [prostitutes] gather.

The woman says it is difficult to convince drunk clients to wear condoms.

Tashkent women sex site

The spread of HIV through the sex trade has been especially acute in Uzbekistan, the most populous state in the region.

In the second of a four-part series on AIDS in Central Asia, RFE/RL reports on the rapid spread of the deadly virus among Uzbek prostitutes.

Just stayed 1 night here for a stopover in Tashkent.

Of course they don't admit to their real profession, their families think they are peddling goods at Kyrgyz markets," he said.

In the capital of Tashkent alone, an estimated 6,000 women offer sexual services. It's enough for us to look at a man once and say whether he is sick or not." Safe-sex advocates face a challenge in Uzbekistan, where the average monthly salary is $15.

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