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Mihretab Sium convinced her parents to provide her with opportunity for a better life and education so that when she reached adulthood, she would be the wife of his son Henok Mihretab Sium. According to the story, the unhappy Yorsalem Teweldebrhan had had a five month sexual relationship with Hermon, an Eritrean businessman from Kampala, who later helped her escape to Turkey with him leaving behind her one year and eight month daughter.

However, the first day she arrived to Kampala, Yorsalem said, she was told to sleep on the same bed with his son — contrary to what he was promised earlier. According to the evidence brought to the court, Mr.

I cried and out of desperation went to his son [Henok] to tell him about what has happened.

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TV Uganda today reported that the Ugandan police finally arrested Eritrean business mogul Mihretab Sium Temelso following several allegations of abuse, rape and trafficking from the Eritrean community in Uganda.

The report says Mihretab Sium, who has allegedly been trafficking girls to Uganda from Eritrea and Rwanda, has been arrested on allegations of a number of rape and one defilement cases.

It wasn’t lost to Mr Mihretab that not all of his challenges get resolution through people of high power, especially family problem.

In 2013, Mihretab Sium brought a young girl called Yorsalem Teweldebrhan Debessai from Eritrea who later become his daughter-in-law.

After collecting all the allegations and evidence, the Ugandan police today reacted by detaining and charging Mihretab Sium on counts of trafficking, rape and defilement. Mihretab Sium is still innocent until proven guilty.

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