Strippers dating female customres

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So many of my coworkers at the club make no personal use of all their professional experiences observing and interacting with different types of men.

Does he treat it like a consequence-free environment, or does he act like the same person he is outside?

Obviously, not all men frequent strip clubs, but all types of men do. One of my married-with-kids coworkers was talking about her latest Skype conversation with her enlisted husband.

After the jump, five archetypal bad boyfriends and their warning signs, in the club and out. She was getting ready for work, putting on her makeup and video-chatting, when he asked, "Why isn't your hair straight? " "Well, I'm tired of straightening it every time I go in," she told him.

Some of us are thinking, "Girl, when he made you pay for two dates in a row, you should've known," or "That man is a serial stripper dater — what were you thinking?

Strippers dating female customres

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