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The ADAAA, which broadened the definition of "disability" under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) to include more temporary, less severe conditions, has had the biggest impact on pregnancy accommodation."While Congress didn’t specify pregnancy-related conditions in the amendments, they became covered by virtue of the expanded definition," says Brian Mc Dermott, a partner at the law firm Ogletree Deakins in Indianapolis.He also recommends documenting these conversations and any performance issues unrelated to the pregnancy.

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When Anycia Grady, a clinical social worker, became pregnant in September 2013, her happiness was tempered by concern about the stress that her 12-hour-a-day job could have on her pregnancy.

Grady provides support services to foster families in the Cleveland area.

It’s a role she describes as stressful and exhausting but rewarding.

By the end of October, the stress was enough for Grady’s doctor to write a note to her employer recommending that she limit her hours to eight each day.

In positions where there is a high risk of exposure to chemicals or radiation, the usual Occupational Safety and Health Administration practices apply.

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