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Is physical contact necessary, or does a webcam mutual encounter with someone half a world away count equally? Intimate chat room discussions that evolve into a coffee get-together? In other words, with sexual infidelity, it’s more than the cheating itself or any specific sexual act that causes the deepest pain to a betrayed spouse or partner.It’s the betrayal of relationship trust by consistent lying that causes intimacy to crack wide open.

If she is bored with you, your kids, your home, her job, and her hobbies, it may mean she’s found something more exciting. They may also be less inclined to socialize with you and your wife or girlfriend as a couple.

11) She no longer talks about her favorite male friend.

Robert Weiss is the author of three books on sexual addiction and Founding Director of the premiere sex addiction treatment program, The Sexual Recovery Institute.

He is Director of Sexual Disorders Services at The Ranch and Promises Treatment Centers.

If there is an emergency, you should contact your local law enforcement agency.

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