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by  |  28-Sep-2014 10:06

I told him I felt uncomfortble doing it and that I dont know what he wants and expects and all he's said is to grow up and act 20 andf to stop being a baby.

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Source: If you send a "Want to hang out this weekend?

" or a more low-key invite to grab food to the wrong friend, it is kind of harsh to be like "AHH NO, I DIDN'T MEAN YOU!

My boyfriends gone away on holiday for a month we usually see each other every other weekend but we wont be seeing each other for nearly 6 weeks.

Im 20 but I suppose in the sex deparment im very naive my boyfriend is my first and I had never done anything beyond kissing a boy before I met him.

I do try to please my boyfriend but if im honest im really struggling with being sexy and pleasing him I know the women he's been with before were very experienced and confident and had no issue with doing things like naked photos graphic messages or having sex in public places blah blah but I cant bring myself to be like that its not natural for me.

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