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Virginia Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control 09/13/2016 Trial court did not err in affirming decision of Board based on its finding that the hearing officers questions to the witness did not exceed her power and that even if they did, the error was harmless 1702154 Rebecca Allen v.

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02/28/2017 No error in Commissions finding that while the statutory presumption applied, appellees evidence was sufficient to rebut the presumption and found that childs brain injury occurred because of his extreme prematurity and immature lungs, not because of oxygen deprivation suffered during labor and delivery 1182161 Northrop Grumman Shipbuilding, Inc., n/k/a, etc. Commonwealth of Virginia 02/07/2017 Trial court did not err in denying appellants motion to apply the affirmative defense afforded by Code 18.2-251.03 where the intent of that statute does not provide an affirmative defense to prosecution to an individual who passively receives emergency medical attention and provides an affirmative defense only to the individual making the emergency report 0053162 Manneh Vay v.

Commonwealth of Virginia 02/14/2017 No error in trial courts finding that each of appellants attacks on the victim constituted a separate, complete attempt to murder and trial court did not abuse its discretion by limiting appellants cross-examination of one of the victims brothers 2055152 Alfred Banks, Jr. Commonwealth of Virginia 02/14/2017 Trial court did not err in refusing appellants proposed instructions regarding appellants contact with victim that occurred before time period alleged in warrant as relevant to on more than one occasion element of the offense or in admitting that evidence; evidence was sufficient to prove appellant instilled a reasonable fear of death, criminal sexual assault or bodily injury 0169161 Jennifer Jo Broadous v.

Commonwealth of Virginia 11/08/2016 Error in trial courts finding that evidence was sufficient to prove appellant maintained a custodial or supervisory relationship over the victim 0263162 Melanie Lynn Rhodes v.

Delmar Lang and Susan Lang 11/08/2016 Trial court did not err in ordering appellees continue to have visitation with their grandchildren, as originally ordered by Ohio courts, where trial court applied the material change in circumstances plus best interest of the children standard to appellants motion to amend and that standard did not violate appellants parental rights 1577154 Richard Daniel Peters, Jr. Commonwealth of Virginia 11/08/2016 No error in trial courts finding that evidence was sufficient to prove appellant had received notice that he did not have a valid drivers license at the time of the offense based on appellants statement to officer, his presence at previous trials for driving on a suspended license, and the DMV transcript of his driving record 1728152 Claudia Kathleen Pitts v.

The Adobe Acrobat Viewer (free from Adobe) allows you to view and print PDF documents. City of Newport News Department of Human Services 12/20/2016 No error in trial courts finding that it had subject matter jurisdiction and active jurisdiction where the form petition signed by a nonattorney employee of appellee was a valid pleading that did not constitute the unauthorized practice of law by those employees 0629161 Arete Nicole Rudolph v.

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