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by  |  06-Jun-2015 19:16

It is very difficult to effectively monitor any site which is created purely for children and there are certainly many more security measures which Movie Star Planet could take to ensure the safety of its members.

Unfortunately sites like this do attract adults and it is clear from what parents have said and from our own research that the rules are being breached and complaints are not being handled as well as they could be.

Again Mumsnet members reported concerns that their children’s accounts had been hacked and the Star Coins they had collected had been taken.

There are also plenty of sites that offer hacking tools for Movie Star Planet; this would point to a blatant breach of the rules and security of the site but it’s not clear what, if anything, the site is doing about it.

You cannot get a website that is designed for children without there being some concerns and certainly Movie Star Planet has its fair share.

The site has been discussed on both Netmums and Mumsnet, popular parenting sites, where parents have voiced concerns over the website, citing examples of children being sent inappropriate messages, accounts being hacked and children warned for reporting others.

They say that usage is monitored both manually and by automated systems and that filters blacklist certain words.

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