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Moynihan (like Casey Wilson in the previous season) came to SNL as a performer with the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater; in season 33, Moynihan and Wilson were among the group of Upright Citizens Brigade performers SNL auditioned mid-season while the show was looking for a new cast member to join after the writers' strike in early 2008.

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Cena’s Gronk, Alex Moffat’s Conor Mc Gregor, and Moynihan’s John Daly were essentially just playing athlete “Celebrity Jeopardy” (the right answer to every money-wasting scenario is always “no”), but Kenan’s Barkley corrects their invariably wrong responses with the affable demeanor of someone just in it for the paycheck.

Thompson’s been on the show for a long time now, and I’m fine if he never wants to leave. Not much action for Melissa, Sasheer, Moffat, or Vanessa Bayer. ”—The Ten-To-Oneland Report“The Mighty Owl” was another SNL shot at gross-out liquid laughs, as Mikey Day and Cena saw their big talent show dreams buried in a river of white-green owl effluvia, liberally sprayed from the mangy puppet perched on Day’s arm.

Coming back to himself, he ends his day by dancing with the Cena-Trump, and when he sees them both in the mirror of his lavish apartment, it’s two idealized Cena-Trumps, gazing longingly at themselves.

As far as takes on Donald Trump go, experimental sketches like this are a lot more ambitious than just popping a wig on Baldwin.

Reluctantly sitting at his desk, Trump’s attention bobs in hazy half-notice of Beck Bennett’s Mike Pence, pleading with him to think of “other people,” if only for a moment, and Bobby Moynihan’s “typical” Trump supporter, pleading for his candidate to do what he promised.

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