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Therefore we can be rest assured that if we are open to these packages , then we can make a greater Nation as it all begins from us as individuals and how we relate to each other.

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Holding an OND in Business Administration and a degree in educational studies from the University of Ilorin,he is the boss's memory and a walking encyclopedia for clients Obaebae he provides solutions to clients challenges with his extensive experience and knowledge in admistration and customer relation management.prior to working at obaebae,he has served with Novena Engineering services Ltd as customer service/procurement officer .

Chuka Nwokolo graduated from Nnamdi Azikiwe university where he badged a degree in Psychology ,he provides psychology & theraphy services to clients with his great knowledge of ISBF, Rorschach Ink Blot test and PCT ,he is a Member of 'Go beyond and help foundation' and 'One Word Africa(NGOs).

Roseline is also a vigorous poet which led to her being ranked one of the top 20 Nigerian poets in a poetrysoup contest organized by the British council in Lagos Nigeria.

She has a degree in Accounting from the Lagos State university and has ICAN & also a degree in Psychology in view. Mrs Harriet Ogbobine is an educator and professional social counselor and motivational speaker who has worked (and still working in some) for various organisations and attended various courses on life issues: relationships, work, family, crisis and stress management, healthy lifestyle among others.

Roseline Olajide is the founder of Obaebae Dating & Match making, a woman who is vast and endowed with great potentials .

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