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Today, the population in Iceland is just about 320,000.The database can be found on and everyone registered in the database has free access to it.

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The low-powered machines (which could consist of an exotic embedded OS running on something tiny, though these days, it could just as easily be a Linux distribution running on an ARM or MIPS system-on-a-chip, kitted out with standard Linux hax0r tools) then attempt to connect to any machines within range by Wi Fi or Bluetooth, find security holes and take them over.

Which is the sort of thing you'd expect first-tier intelligence agencies to attempt to try on high-value targets, but it now seems to be in the hands of ordinary criminals.

And a precious feature, using the bump technology, allows people that meet to just bump their phones together, to instantly see if they are too related to take things any further.

The engineers' slogan for this feature was: "Bump the app before you bump in bed".

According to the advertisement, customers of this service get their very own login to a remote panel, where they can interact with the cashout service and monitor the progress of their thievery operations.

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