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Sharp Mova SH251i S – The first 3-D screen on a mobile phone (2002) 30.

Motorola Razr V3 (2004) – Setting a trend for thinness (2004) 31.

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Timex Data Link – The world’s first smartwatch (1994) 12.

Hagenuk MT-2000 – The world’s first mobile providing a game to play (1994) 13. Nokia 9000 Communicator – the first mobile to make a reality of the mobile office (1996) 15.

Some are on show in the Information Age Gallery at the Science Museum in London. Technophone EXCELL PC105T – taking the mobile from the hand into the pocket (1986) 4.

Motorola Micro TAC – some firsts in size and design (1989) 5.

Nokia 8810 – Introducing style into the design of mobiles (1999) 20.

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