Olx krishnagar nadia

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If the Postal Area is large, Two or more branches will be available under the same post office.That means all the postal branches under the same post office have same pin code. So to make you clear about these locations we are providing list of all branches under the same Krishnagar pin code.Example: PIN Code of delivery PO (Ittigegud) to PTC Mysore is 570 010.

olx krishnagar nadia-44

We all know that Krishnagar Pincode is unique for each post office in Krishnagar.

Even though the first three digits of Krishnagar Pin Code are same for all the post offices, next three digits are different for each post office. So it is difficult for you to remember the pin code of Krishnagar for all post offices.

Pincode system was introduced in India on 15 August in the year 1972.

It is the last piece of information in the address.

Suppose if you have searched for a location with a Krishnagar pin code, you can get all the regions covered under the same post office in Krishnagar.

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