Officers dating cadets

by  |  22-Jul-2014 15:34

If the cadet is under 18, IT IS ILLEGAL, point blank, full stop, no argument.

If the cadet is 18, it remains contrary to regulations, and is unethical.

Additional information about the admissions process, deadlines, and requirements can be found on the Texas A&M admissions website. Her father was a Marine, his father was in the [...]Brian Peck ‘17 from Mc Kinney, Texas is a double major in Agribusiness and Agricultural Economics. Brian currently serves as Commanding Officer of Parson’s Mounted Calvary (PMC).

Christine Carbone is a Psychology major from Hamilton, New Jersey. [...]Stuart Lee Seelman ‘17 is an International Studies major with minors in Religious and Arabic Studies from Dallas, Texas.

If you both can't live by the rules for that period of time, in my view your relationship is not very strong.

I hold similar views on both young officers and staff cadets re: drinking and any other mind altering activity.

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