Non sex dating site going about dating swedish men

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Ace/ace relationships can have problems–just like all other relationships–so I would warn against falling into a “if only I could find another ace to date, everything would be sparkles and cupcakes and unicorns! Possibility #2: Date an allosexual who wants a nonsexual relationship.

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Check out some of the personals sites linked to on the AVEN wiki–a few of them cater to people (not necessarily aces) who want nonsexual relationships.

Possibility #3: Polyamory and/or open relationships. Now I’m getting myself onto kind of thin ice, as I don’t know all too much about polyamory (having never been in a poly relationship myself).

I’m not entirely sure where you’d go about finding such a relationship, ’cause most of the aces I know in poly relationships wound up meeting their partner(s) without going through a personals site. Possibility #4: Queerplatonic (or otherwise nontraditional partnered) relationships.

Often when I see young aces lamenting their lonely futures, they mention that they’re aromantic (or just not interested in conventional dating) and thus they have zero chance whatsoever of ever finding someone to spend time with them.

For example, one half of the mixed couple in is an allosexual man who just isn’t all that into sex, and so has decided to forgo it for his wife.

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