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Thus, the questionnaire examined in the present study first aims at providing an efficient instrument that can be used among patients with a chronic illness, whereby medication adherence is paramount to treatment success and survival. To date, mounting evidence has established a positive association between different components of the doctor-patient relationship and adherence behaviors among HIV-infected patients receiving antiretroviral therapy [6-15].

In a recent study of highly adherent HIVinfected patients (at least 90% adherent), the doctor-patient relationship was identified as a key factor in the successful management of their disease and medication regimen [16].

Conclusion: Findings highlight the relevance of patient involvement in their care to important health outcomes.

Interventions designed to help patients become more active in their care throughout the illness trajectory might positively affect medication-taking behaviors and survival.

The DRP: API offers an easy and quickly-administered tool to assess patient involvement within the context of both research and practice.

In the last decade, healthcare delivery has gone through many transformations to address medical patients’ needs in a more comprehensive manner, emphasizing the whole person as the unit of care rather than focusing on a specific disease.

Participants were paid volunteers recruited from physician offices, community organizations, local advertisements, and organizations that provide services to people living with HIV in the Miami/Ft. Participants were included if they were HIV positive.

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