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Buy a virtual phone number for Whats App program After this, a telephone number will be ready in a short time.

You will receive a letter to email about number activation.

From this article, you derive useful details about using DID number with this app successfully.

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"Today our freedom and our liberty is at stake." Existing users will have 30 days to opt out of Whats App sharing the account information with Facebook after accepting the new terms and policies by going to their account settings, according to the legal information section of its website.

The company said the changes were also part of plans to "test ways for people to communicate with business in the months ahead" without experiencing third party banner ads or spam.

On the Frequently Asked Questions section of its website the company said it was looking to explore communications between users and business such as orders, transactions, appointment information and delivery notifications.

The company added that "messages you may receive containing marketing could include an offer for something that might interest you." Some privacy advocates have criticized Whats App's move to share the data with its parent company.

In an FAQ, Whats App says it is doing this to: Whether it’s hearing from your bank about a potentially fraudulent transaction, or getting notified by an airline about a delayed flight, many of us get this information elsewhere, including in text messages and phone calls.

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