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T., until she realizes she's starting to act like they are still in a relationship. 23 November 2004Shelly is dating other people, and J. thinks he's fine with the idea until he meets her new beau--muscular and handsome boxer Adrian (AMAURY NOLASCO). tries to give celibacy a chance in order to get closer to a woman who's waiting for "that one special guy." 21 December 2004Shelly and Diva Style persuade a celebrity client, BROOKE BURKE (herself - "Wild On. ."), to wear their creation to a televised red carpet awards show, but the advertising opportunity turns into a publicity nightmare when the fashion commentator, ROBERT VERDI (himself - "Surprise by Design"), makes negative remarks about the dress. T.'s taskmaster mom, Frances (recurring guest star DAPHNE MAXWELL REID - "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air"), visits. 4 January 2005On New Year's Eve, Shelly breaks the girls' "no dates" pact by bringing a new romantic interest to the Z Lounge party.

Meanwhile, Donovan and Rita's first date goes awry when Donovan has a severe allergic reaction. Also, Rita's previously wonderful living situation with Janie deteriorates into petty fighting, so Rita accepts Nick's offer to let her move in with him and J. 30 November 2004Shelly and Rita's competition for the affection of Joe (CARLOS PONCE - "Entertainment Tonight"), a charming, handsome bachelor with a yacht, gets out of control, and it's up to Janie to remind the two friends not to fight over a guy. The rest of the gang share stories of past New Year's Eve date debacles, including J.

11 January 2005Shelly puts "falsies" in her bra, but when men start giving her extra special treatment, she considers getting breast implants, spurring a lively debate with her girlfriends. 8 February 2005Shelly and Rita take a kung fu class together, but when Rita proves to be more adept than Shelly, a rivalry ensues. What starts out as a "mercy date" surprisingly turns into a romantic attraction.

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Despite his attempt to soften the blow of canceling the trip with dinner and gifts, J. Seeing an opportunity to interfere in her son's relationship, J. Meanwhile, suspecting that former model Rita is returning to her anorexic ways, Janie tries to tempt her with her secret weapon: Janie's homemade lasagna. Meanwhile, Janie discovers a secret stash of pornography belonging to her husband, Marty (recurring guest star REGGIE GASKINS), while gathering items for a church rummage sale and fears that this means the couple has marital problems. and the guys to help build a brick barbecue for Simone's welcome party even though they have no idea how to do it. T.'s bar brawl and, with one punch, puts an end to the fight before it even really starts, causing J. BENTON also of The Time) and Comfort (THE ARCHBISHOP DON MAGIC JUAN).

prepare to celebrate their 3-month anniversary with a romantic weekend getaway until J. realizes he's already committed to play in a basketball tournament with his friends, including competitive Trevor (Los Angeles Lakers basketball player DEREK FISHER). 15 December 2003Frustrated by the long hours Shelly's working during the holidays, J. tells her that she needs to make him her first priority. is thrilled by his newfound friendship with actor/comedian CEDRIC THE ENTERTAINER (himself - "Barbershop" movies) until Cedric won't ever leave his side, so J. seeks advice from Shelly on how to "break up" with the man. Meanwhile, Donovan breaks up with his latest girlfriend and cons his friends into thinking she dumped him so he can get as much sympathy as possible from his pals. T.'s bar brawl and, with one punch, puts an end to the fight before it even really starts, causing J. The women at Diva Style accidentally accept a client who turns out to be a pimp, Rodney P. When Shelly refuses to do business with him, Rodney calls in his lawyers, Sugar-Free (JEROME J.

But this becomes a monumental task after he informs her that he's newly engaged--and introduces her to his new love. 20 April 2006While negotiating with a department store buyer, Brenda (LENISE SOREN), to stock their clothing line, Shelly and Jane find out that Rita had a one-time lesbian fling with Brenda.

They try to convince the reluctant Rita to romance her former flame in order to expand their business. T., Donovan enlists Nick's help in winning his money back in a rigged poker game.

Meanwhile, Donovan's ex-girlfriend, Fiona Phipps (ERINN CARTER), visits, hoping to charm him into returning home to England. T.'s dad, Andrew, and DAPHNE ZUNIGA ("Melrose Place") guest stars as Sylvia King, an important Diva Style customer. After Nick and Shelly's feud reaches a climax at J. 9 February 2004On Valentine's Day, the friends debate whether or not it was fate that Shelly and J. He also nearly encounters her at Diva Style but leaves after getting frightened by the sight of a wedding veil. Fine" persona out of retirement when Donovan needs a substitute for his regular D. ANTONIO FARGAS (Huggy Bear from the original "Starsky & Hutch" series) guest stars as Shelly's Uncle Jerry, a fellow pimp.

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