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While a senior and the president of the NAACP chapter, Barry heard of Walter Chandler—the only white member on Le Moyne-Owen's board of trustees—making comments that black people should be treated as a "younger brother not as an adult".

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He and his friends went to a segregated fairground in Memphis, and went at a time reserved for whites, because they wanted to see the science exhibit.

When they were close to the exhibit, a policeman stopped them and asked them to leave. At that time, Barry did not know much about his race, or why they were treated poorly, but he resented the incident.

He helped develop an organizing project in Mc Comb, Mississippi.

The project was both a voter registration and a direct action endeavor.

Barry came to national prominence as mayor of the national capital, the first prominent civil rights activist to become chief executive of a major American city.

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