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Real name: John Cena Social Media: Twitter | Facebook DOB: April 23rd, 1977 Hometown: West Newbury, Massachusetts WWE Debut: June 2002 Achievements: WWE Champion (11x); World Heavyweight Champion (2x) Relationship status: Dating WWE Diva Nikki Bella Did you know?

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Nikki and Brie had their high school reunion in Scottsdale this past weekend -- and John was invited as Nikki's date.

Brie also brought her boyfriend -- WWE tag team champion Daniel Bryan.

John’s kind of a stubborn guy, but I’ve just seen the changes within the last year, going from ‘never, never, never’ to ‘maybe, maybe, maybe.’ You just see that when he’s around her, he’s totally different.”The recently-married Nattie — who wed fellow WWE-er TJ Wilson last year — dishes that she’s witnessed the lengths of John’s love for Nikki in-person, while the two were on tour together last year and “all he talked about was Nicole.” “He’d be talking about the gym and he’d talk about how proud of her he is and how she’s so strong,” Nattie explains.

“Then we drove by the Louis Vuitton store and John was like ‘I have to go and look for something for Nicole.’ He was just focused on her, and it was adorable.” Brie, on the other hand, doesn’t see the actor-wrestler — who has three major movie roles in the works — popping the question to her sister quite as soon, though she does see it happening eventually. “I do think it will happen, because I see that John wants to make all of Nicole’s dreams come true.

"We can talk about marriage," Cena tells Bella in the promo. News in September she and Cena keep their romance alive by making time for date night every week.

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