Internet dating for millionaires chris brown and rihanna dating pictures

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“You have to be careful where-ever you go,” said the woman, who is in her 30s. Beijing, China (CNN) -- In China it can be hard for millionaires to find love. "These people are very excellent themselves, which leads to their high standards for partners," Xu said.

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Steve Kasper, the marketing vice president of, the parent company of Millionaire, said it was up to users to police it themselves.

“We do tell all of our members on all of our sites that you have to take precautions when you’re on the internet and looking at people that you’re going to meet,” he said.

The last one was on December 20 in Beijing in a luxury hotel.

The ticket price was 100,000 yuan, ($14,600); 21 single women and 22 single men attended.

The matchmakers advise men and women on how to tweak their profiles, what to wear to dinner, even how to fix their hair based on a large database of empirical evidence collected from members who were -- and were not -- asked out on a second date.

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