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And on this episode of the road trip the guys assess the conditions of the American roads, they hike up a mountain in the Appalachians and snack attack is back to excite your taste buds Still on the road in the USA, this week we're coming to you LIVE from Houston, Texas. In this episode, we cover off the first few days of our month-long American road trip.Dan does some Karaoke in a saloon, we have a chat to a man attempting to eat a 72oz (2KG) steak for free, and snack attack is back for more mouth-watering action. Make sure you follow our adventure on instagram @theidiotsguideshow.Korea's President has been impeached, some bloke is trying to break the cow milking record, and there is a new theory on what really happened to MH370. This week the Idiots take on the utter debacle that was this years Oscars ceremony.

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After going through some of his policies and amazing soundbite from the debate, we are lucky enough to be joined by the man himself on the phone....

This week we get a bit more serious as we're joined by guest Harley Neville of Pigville productions and The Guy and Harley Podcast.

If you're going to listen to one podcast of 2016, this is it.

You might have heard the news, but we're going on a holiday soon! We chat about our favourite holidays kids, the upcoming trip to America, and where we wanna go in the future.

We chat with Harley about being an independant filmmaker and the process of making a feature film on a budget. Things get outta this world as the idiot's take on extra terrestrial beings and UFOs.

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