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by  |  08-Jun-2015 22:10

Teague needed an audacious hire with a little juice to fire up the fan base.

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I’m not a boastful guy — I’d rather show than tell.

But I’m excited about what we are going to do.” Translation: Richard Pitino knows he’s not here to grow into the job.

With everyone’s mind still seared from that 2-16 pratfall, Pitino is already opining that he now has a squad more complete, talented, and versatile.

It’s a display of feisty defiance coming off the ropes, for it’s still unclear how good of a coach Pitino can be.

For Richard Pitino, it seemed like everyone in his orbit — his father, administrators who brought him to the U, and his players — was caught in headline stories of reprehensible behavior.

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