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I have also served as a reserve officer with the Wilkesboro Police Department for eight years.

As Chief-Deputy I served as Incident Commander of both the Hazardous Devices Unit and the Tactical Team.

I have two Law Enforcement Certifications, one with the North Carolina Sheriff’s Training & Standards Division and the other with the North Carolina Criminal Justice Standards and Training Division.

From 1986 to 2001 remained Chief-Detective in charge of all investigations within Wilkes County.

In 2001, I became Chief-Deputy under Sheriff Dane Mastin and serve in that capacity until I was elected Sheriff in 2010.

Almost every time, when I asked my clients, “What would have done if feeling safe in your relationship was a priority” – most of the time they tell me that they wouldn’t be in the relationship in the first place, or they would be setting the bar higher.

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