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With Chat Rescuer enabled, if none of your agents respond to a visitor’s request within x seconds, Chat Rescuer would politely apologize to your visitor and request that he / she leave a message and email address.Access this via Labs Smart Alec – the Bot with the Answers Many of your visitors may ask similar questions over and over again.

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I can remember having 4 or 5 girls chatting with me at once on a typical night, and before you know it I got phone numbers and "let's meet" messages from them.

Needless to say, my sex life was quite healthy and vigorous back then Ever since about 2005, the AOL chat rooms pretty much died out, and other services like Yahoo Chat never got popular.

A few years later, she felt that God was convicting her of her current lifestyle.

Jackie found her lifestyle wasn’t the will of God and decided to get out.

I think in 2014, the only chat service still around is Facebook but I never hear much about it. evolution once folks got tired of AOL they moved on to the FREE Yahoo!

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