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She sang Tellement j’ai d’amour pour toi, written by Marnay and Giraud, for an audience of 115 million TV viewers. Next, she made her first appearance on TV in France, on famed program Champs-Élysées hosted by Michel Drucker.

To this day, the entire country recalls the moment when the host announced to his audience: “Remember her name: Céline Dion!

Um den Nazis zu entgehen, läßt sich die deutsche Jüdin Lise (Barbara Rudnik) unter falschem Namen in einem französischen Dorf nieder.

Zuerst sind die Männer des Ortes begeistert von der aparten Schönheit.

Céline was no longer a child singer – she was the voice of her time. It was the first album produced with her new record label, CBS, which would become Sony; the same label as Michael Jackson. In 1988, in Dublin, Ireland, she won the prestigious Eurovision contest before an audience of 600 million TV viewers.

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