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can pick View Sat Exterem Plus a brand new Satellite Dish Switch for getting many channels including Chinese, Turkish, Iranian, Russian TV, Indian, and many more from Far East, Middle East, South America, etc.…

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Log into the X-Fta dongle by connecting your pc (Ethernet cable out of your PC) into one of the 4 lan ports, not the Wan for grabbing a dhcp ip address, after that, you log into the web interface by typing into the url bar of your web browser. This is assuming your viewsat has an WF file on it (i use a newer one from 2011), and that you have scanned your channels and at least should have the free 101 working to verify your antenna settings..

(Use of Firefox is strongly suggested) DO NOT USE EXPLORER. Go to the connection page, make sure Gateway(default) under device config is selected, then "connect via" should be DHCP wired. a bit of advice: delete any channels not on your server.

It requires a PC, running Linux, with serial and Lan access, of at least 1Ghz in speed.

The task and PC are dedicated while it is operating.

KBOX K1 Dongle Install Heres a little info, and install guide for the K1 dongle for those that are confused.

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