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Guys dont really care if a girl is nice or not, all they care about is if she's hot and fun to be with.

It also depends on the age of of the person (girl or guy) and where they are at that point in time in their lives.

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Sad to hear their problems with husbands who couldn't find a job and had difficulty growing up or controlling their drinking. If they thought they could overcome this "failure" when they entered the work world, they only developed a deep resentment that the guys developing successful careers, were not up to their standards.

Nice girls constantly find themselves relegated to the friend zone while drama babies get all the love and attention. What about the nice girls who genuinely desire love, marriage, & family?

Try to get the feeling of dating software and the online dating industry before putting huge investments in technology development and in marketing and advertising dating website.

Okay, sure, there are a few things like dying in a plane crash and getting charged $2 for guacamole in your burrito, but nice guys are pretty far up there on Nope list. Let’s refresh: A nice guy is a dude who claims to be a great dude based on silly criteria like listening to their female friends (who they might have a crush on) talk about their problems or hold the door open for women at the mall. ” The fact that you had to say that about yourself is the first warning sign, dude, but okay.

Good tips on how to start dating people who are elderly is not to be nervous to have the "upper hand from time to time.

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