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You Must Understand The Search Continuum That means you have to identify with the person who is entering the search keyword, why do they enter that term, where are they in the buying cycle etc. I would make my decision on do I want to sell to the Male Weight Loss market, if the answer is yes, I will set about understanding who my customer is.To make money with a product, you have to understand the person who will be your customer, put simply, you find out what they want, and give them it. There will never be a shortage of products you can sell to Men who want to lose weight, but if all you do is send traffic to that one offer, when the offer is gone, so is your income stream, and you have to start again.Now let's take the product, **** Force Max for Men - Now think market It Is a Diet and Weight Loss Product It is aimed at Men Also by looking at landing pages for the product, I can see what the product owners are using to help make me sign up. Let me shout it out Using PPC to Send Traffic to CPA offers is NOT a viable long term profitable business.

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STOP choosing CPA offers, and START choosing a market. If you really want to make money with CPA, or indeed any service, you need to choose a Market first, learn that market and then dominate that market.

When I use Adwords either for my own business, or for my clients, the first thing I have to do is understand what the market is and who the customers are for the product. Well , let us take 2 similar products from the Neverblue network they emailed me this week Premium **** Slim or **** Force Max for Men These are 2 **** Products. My point is ,products come and go, the market doesn't, What is hot this month, may not be hot next month, last year it was Hoodia, today it is **** Berry, Next Month ? I have made my living online since 1996 and done Pay Per Click marketing since 2002 , back then you only had to load up as many keywords as you could think of , all of them cost about 5 cents each, and away you went. Ah " the good old days" But the market has changed, Google now are king ( Back then it was Overture ) and in these days of Quality Scores, Landing Page Optimisations and Google Slaps, You have to use a system that fits with the way Google want you to work. I would build my own landing pages, with my own tracking, and capture that users name and email address. Because I now have a male subscriber to a list that I know is wanting to lose weight.

Of Course I am biased, PPC Marketing and Adwords Consulting is what I do, but I believe that, if you have a marketing budget to work with, PPC is one of the only methods we have where we can determine the traffic we get, and where it goes.

While I will be the first to admit SEO is a major part of marketing, and everyone should use it, I know from my own experiences that being at the mercy of the Google Algorithm is not a good way to build a long term business.

2 A number of different offers from different networks were available to promote.

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