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Shortly after learning she is pregnant, Meg unexpectedly hooks up with a younger man, Ken (Jake Lacy), after meeting him at Alice's office Christmas Party.

Ken who is the law office receptionist, is smitten with her.

” Lucy, meanwhile, has been explaining her OCD approach to dating to him while at the bar eating peanuts. My hunch is that any sense of truly modern dating would complicate a film that tracks along two simple lines: one, singleness is alright if you go single (shun meaningless sex, deceitful ex-boyfriends, the easy path in general) and two, singleness is for achieving your dreams, and finding yourself outside the bedroom.

At first he finds her tactics repulsive, but it isn’t long before he warms to her. Even men find her forgettable – witness Josh, Tom and David. Off she goes to the Grand Canyon for a solo dawn hike. So this is a curiously staid movie: more traditional even than Sex and the City, some of whose characters ultimately reject traditional roles.

Alice (Dakota Johnson) temporarily dumps her college boyfriend Josh (Nicholas Braun) and moves to New York City to be a paralegal.

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