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Given that scenario, rumor has it that Noi Bai Airport Administration is seriously considering an alternate option of having an open air terminal instead.Stay tuned to another Not-Necessarily-True news report. Delete it if you want Noi Bai terminal 1 is a shame for VN.

From 200 to 400 millions is a big difference and yet no offical confirm, the press doesn't know anything ? About Long Thanh , i don't think it was postponed because the goverment consider Noi Bai 2 first , remember the intital plan for Noi Bai 2 cost only 300 millions , why Long Thanh Phase 1 is about 3,5 billion $ .

Long Thanh will always costs 10 times as Noi Bai does .

I saw that once , a few months ago , it was in front of the immigration area .

T1 is very ugly , that's one of the reason i hope they will build T2 soon , and hopefully T2 will be serparated from T1 with totally new design . Sng 7-9, tại sn bay Nội Bi (H Nội) Tổng Cng ty Bảo đảm hoạt động bay Việt Nam (tn trước đy l Trung tm Quản l bay dn dụng Việt Nam) đ khởi cng xy dựng Đi Kiểm sot khng lưu mới tại Cảng Hng khng quốc tế Nội Bi. Quy m dự n bao gồm 1 Đi Kiểm sot khng lưu (KSKL) cao 90m; 1 nh kỹ thuật 4 tầng c tổng diện tch 2.600m.

Theo phương n ny, nếu hiệu quả ti chnh thấp sẽ xy dựng phương n c thể hon vốn với phần cn lại đề nghị Nh nước hỗ trợ.

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