Dating a woman with ptsd

by  |  02-Sep-2016 04:42

Now, he's in prison for attempted murder and the guy that helped convict him is DEAD!! " A survivor will heal or deal with the rape in many different stages with many different feelings" at all different speeds.

" She may not be ready to get help just yet, because she is still dealing with a something inside her, and thats something that she needs to work through for her slef first.

This woman you have now sounds like she is going to take her issues out on you and thats not going to do anything good for you in your life and even make you a bitter person who will lose your ability to love and trust someone. Seems to me that would be like getting blood from a turnip with this girl. tell her you need a break and take 6 months away from her. You shouldn't limit or shortchange yourself by picking someone to love who can't / won't or doesn't know how to love.

Plenty of fish in the this situation with her a good one?

However, as the relationship gets more serious, there are definite aspects of civilian-military relationships that are unique.

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