Pick line for having webcam sex - Consolidating google apps domains

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From there you’ll have to add each address manually.You only have to do this once as your aliases will sync across the Mailbox app on various devices.

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Go into the settings panel in your primary Gmail account. Add some labels While not necessary, I’ve found that the strategic use of labels can be helpful, especially since I have several email accounts.

You can do this by going to your inbox, clicking on the gear and then selecting if needed, otherwise an email will reply from the email address it was sent from when using the Gmail interface. If you’ve already setup the forwarding, these messages should arrive in your primary inbox. All work related emails (which accounts for over half of my email addresses) get the same label.

Another oddity with my account is that if I make a call through gmail (for my domain), it uses my original gmail google voice account and not the one that it is currently linked to. The services that can be moved directly to another account are: Ad Words, Blogger, Feed Burner, Picasa Web Albums, Reader, and You Tube.

(For the most recent list from Google, see this link:

It also makes it easy to setup and maintain a one inbox approach. Don’t worry if you need to make a change down the road, though. You should begin forwarding messages into this primary account. If you’re using an alternate Gmail account, you can do this by clicking on the gear icon in Gmail, clicking on Settings and then clicking on the and add your primary email account.

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