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However research examining gender differences in mating preferences typically employ a methodology which asks people to deliberately state what they were looking for in a potential romantic partner (deliberate choice).However, we don’t make all decisions in this deliberate way, and some of our decisions about things are made by rather more spontaneous emotional responses, and this happens in partner choice also.

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However, male attractiveness still remained important even when they made these more considered, deliberate decisions.

Overall then this seems to suggest that maybe ambitious males are not always as desirable as previously suggested by evolutionary psychology. As mentioned above, it is consistently suggested that males seek physical attractiveness in a potential female partner.

In an online dating environment, one measure of what males might be looking for in a potential partner is the number of messages they send.

Data reported by OK Cupid suggest that on their dating website at least, there appears to be a very weak connection between physical attractiveness ratings of females and the number of messages they receive.

When female participants made spontaneous decisions regarding the male in the dating profile they had been shown, it was only the physical attractiveness of the male which affected their judgements.

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